" Make your health your wealth "

Coming from a dance/theatre and circus background i suit well to acknowledge all different training methods, standards and equalities in health and fitness industry very much including fitness levels and injuries.

With experience of working with all people from Professional sports players to the rich and famous to people of all ethical back grouds embrace 2 u has adopted a religious attitude with an OCD standard set of core values -

1. - To create an unique individual experience to have something for everyone.

2. - To encourage every individual to enhance their own well being to the max at the start point for their own choice.

3. - To be an inclusive company with nothing but the most exclusive offers.

4. - To be the best in order to give the best and receive the best at all times to gain results.

5. - To maintain equality and fairness in an equally blessed world at all times.

6. - To educate without judgement and criticism.

7. - To give with no " i in team "