Classes held for this term at Shapes Fitness Studios, 19 Arthur Street Upper (Above Citron services), Leith Walk, EH6 5DA                      

 January - Thursday 23rd  10am and 8pm

                                                       Thursday 30th           8pm only

                                      February - Thursday 6th          10am and 8pm

                                                       Thursday 13th        10am and 8pm

                                                       Thursday 20th            no classes

                                                       Thursday 27th          10am and 8pm

                                        March -  Thursday 6th             10am and 8pm

                                                       Thursday 13th           10am and 8pm

                                                       Thursday 20th           10am and 8pm

                                                       Thursday 27th           10am and 8pm

                                            April -  Thursday 3rd                 no classes

                                                        Thursday 10th                    8pm 

                                                        Thursday 17th                    8pm 

                                                        Thursday 24th                    8pm

                                              May -  Thursday 1st                     8pm

                                                         Thursday 8th                    8pm

                                                         Thursday 15th                  8pm 



During a NYE Workout class you could expect a relaxing and invigorating whole body exercise workout. Learning or revising basic Ballet vocabulary to classical music whilst working out. For many reasons the claming effects of classical music attain greater flexibility for enhanced grace and posture. For all fitness levels.

A great excuse to run out and buy new ballet shoes or just wear what your comfortable working out in.

Sessions starting from £7.50 per 55 minute workout class  ( Students £6.50 )

Block of 10 for £70

 ( Students £60, must show student card at time of purchase to apply)

NYE Workout programme is an exercise programme that combines elements of Ballet training and athletic conditioning inwhich the music, exercises and movement reflect the unique style and spirit of the New York City Ballet. The programme emphasizes (i) muscle conditioning and definition (ii) flexibility and (iii) movement and balance.

Designed to improve body tone, greater flexibility, cardio stamina and better posture you will be taken threw a variety of resistance and flexibility exercises with specific muscle tone of the legs, hips and abdominals. The workout would intent to comfort in recovery/during injury. Also maintenance/improvement of posture and core strength.

Edinburgh - Please email if you would like further information -

Saturday, September 22, 2012